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Eliminating a stump is a difficult task. After a tree is cut down, a stump may be left. Here at ESG pro, our aim to remove the stump quickly and in a way that is risk free. We are working towards a society that is away from pollution, and trying to use sustainable methods for removing a stump.

A large tractor is required

A large tractor is required, or burning down a stump; these processes are dangerous and will affect the ecological environment. We are moving with a chemical that will function to eliminate a stump by decomposition. An easy and simple way to make the process easier and reliable, to serve our customers with the best. Our customers matters the most, by taking care of the environment we operate in.

Services we offer

We have a dedicated team of experts who test the chemicals and then bring it for selling purpose. We have a chemical that is accredited by the EPA as this cannot trigger any time of ecological contamination. We have ensured that the chemical is not poisonous.This makes it risk free with no gas fumes or harmful smell. We have ensured adding our product with natural and only natural product with our dedicated team.

Customers and environment

Moreover, we adhere to our principles and policies completely. Customers and environment are important and we work with our customers from the start to the end. Eliminating the hassle of heavy machineries, we at ESG pro have the easiest solution for your stump removal process.


We understand about how expensive things are getting.
John Hafrey
We have tried to provide you with it at a price that is inexpensive and affordable for all. Chose ESG Pro and take a step towards a better society.
Katerina Papadopoulou

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